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This appeal first published at Geocities on 10/18/13

A Culture of Democracy-

An Open Letter to the Social Democrats, USA (Reorganized)

Social Democrats, upon pragmatic reflection, are encouraged to reject
the shortcomings of economic progressivism and consider conservative economic policy as the means for all Americans, not just the working class, to realize their greatest potential under our institutionalized free market economy. Values of hard work and thrift, as well as religious faith, facilitate success in the American system. Social Democrats must acknowledge the importance of basic moral assumptions, and be able to identify, and address, the fragmentation that has taken place within larger American culture.

We must, as free agents, be able to distinguish between notions of self-interest and selfishness, principles of equality of opportunity and a growing sense of entitlement (demonstrated by many, regardless of class), a respect for diversity rather than a mere acquiescence to cultural relativism, and with that, philosophical nihilism. We must encourage a full discourse of ideas, not excluding a respect for established tradition and love of country. We must, then, consider the merit of a civic nationalism, where Americans, unique in heritages and perspectives, can find greater commonality through shared assumptions, stressing the merit of, and responsibility that is inherent in, our citizenship ...

If we acknowledge that good exists, evil must also exist. As men of ill will exist to do us harm, so also men of ill will exist to do harm to this country. In the past, totalitarianism, the antithesis of empathetic expression, manifested itself in the ideologies of Hitler's National Socialism and Stalin's Marxism-Leninism. Totalitarianism, today, is found in the Islamist ideologies of the Taliban and Al-Qaida. This petition appeals to member groups of the reorganized Social Democrats, USA to give their full support to the War on Terror, as defined under the Bush Administration, and the counterinsurgency initiatives in Afghanistan, set forth under the Obama Administration. Containment of terrorism and promotion of democracy serves to protect Americans. As a matter of political expediency, the goals of the Republican Party best reflect the principles set in this letter ...

Social Democrats must not shy away from a coalition with American conservatives. We should recall, as a point of affirmation to past endeavors, progress made under the pursuit of political pluralism and equality before the law. These things not only come from the liberal tradition, but are also, now, the means to promote from within the conservative movement, greater awareness in the reexamination of what a democratic culture is. In this, a Social Democrat is no longer one who promotes socialism, but rather one who promotes a commonality of moral/civic values in a democracy ...

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