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General Disclaimer

Educational, Politically Transformative ...

The Social Democracy Pages are, for the most part, a collection
of links to non-associated and non-endorsing websites, therein linked on SDP for educational and political purposes. In no way does SDP mean to suggest that the content found through its adjoined links, aside from those significant works posted on associated and hosted subdomains, are the work of this author, citizenFine, or that linked, offsite, websites associate with, or endorse this author. SDPages, mirrors, and similarly organized pages hosted at and are, conceptually, the aforementioned Social Democracy Pages, in and of itself.

Other works, posted on and hosted subdomains, are from non-associated, non-endorsing offsite sources, published on hosted SDPages under conditioned permissions. These works are delineated as such. Each SDPage presents links, organized thematically into site rings (as demonstrated in the navigation bar below), in a matter of fact way. Reasonable efforts have been made to clarify which of the links listed are not associated with the published SDP link page.

Generally, a lack of association with a linked website implies an absence of endorsement from the linked website, as a lack of endorsement from a linked site implies an absence of association with the linking site. Accordingly, non-SDP link content is delineated in either, or both ways. SDP neocon and policy link pages, and their adjoined links, are organized in a way to imply offsite links are content relevant to SDP, or derivative site ring, themes. SDP's organization of links is politically transformative, underscoring key themes and ideas in the emergence and development of the neoconservative mindset in domestic, cultural, and foreign policy contexts.

SDP is one starting point for the discovery of neoconservative (or otherwise relevant) websites, both in active or archived forms. Subdomain addresses that contain the name fineyoungsocialist were created to denote a persona, a political archetype in transformation from liberal to conservative convictions. Accordingly, hosted subdomains present some SDPages as 'favorites' pages, a means of empowerment for this archetype. Free directory listings, elsewhere, of SDP under a government heading were devised to promote a theoretical civic consciousness, not to imply any association with formal government agencies.

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